Financial services In An Ever-Changing Digital World

Banks and other capital market participants can
identify new revenue streams cost effectively
with Magton's technologies.

We offer reliable, modular and quick-to-launch solutions specifically innovated for today’s business.

Manage the business and technology related challenges banks and financial firms are facing everyday. Respond and adapt to the industry changes – as well as clients’ and authorities’ new demands. We help you to stay on the front-line of the digital world.

We offer innovative solutions for banks and other financial service sector providers. You can choose services from business consulting to IT infrastructure services. The solutions can be delivered to you as a service, where we take the full responsibility for the solution’s functionality and make sure that all regulatory requirements are fulfilled.

Let’s design personalized and proactive digital banking and financial solutions for your clients. We can help you to develop the technologies that will enhance your clients’ service experience.

Working with Magton brings you deep industrial know-how combined with leading edge technology. Contact our team to learn more about our offers and how we can help you to create the next-generation financial services.

Why Magton?

Capital markets and wealth solutions

With our solutions you can create new products with built-in flexibility and take advantage of the fast-evolving market infrastructure – whether you operate as a broker, a dealer, a transfer agency, an insurance company, a distributor or an asset manager.

Banking services anytime and anywhere

Magton has the tools to help you give your bank’s customers what they want and when they want it through multiple channels. Our solutions give complete control to the users through dedicated web interfaces. All the necessary information is readily available, reducing the customers’ need to contact your bank staff for inquiries. With the reduced need for personnel to perform support and back-office functions, your bank staff can focus more on providing services higher up in the value chain.

Quicker Access to Market's Data

Our solution helps your key business people to create and develop new financial products online in real-time, giving you the opportunity to bring products to market at the best time. Tailor your offerings according to the client’s individual needs and broaden your range of innovative business banking products. You will be able to differentiate yourself in the market with aggressive sales campaigns with the right products, for the right target group, in time to respond to market conditions.

Availability is critical for banking business

Availability is a critical factor for core banking. With our solutions, both your clients and your bank staff get 24/7 access, 365 days a year. The online update and processing capabilities – including accrual processes and real-time transaction processing – ensure that you can provide a true 24-hour service.

We Are Developers. We Are Innovators. We Are Magton.

Our journey to excellence never ends. We always aim higher for our clients and partners. We take action with success in mind and focus on results, constantly finding new ways to innovate and improve, and we rigorously measure our progress. When clients choose Magton, they’re choosing an industry leader who will work tirelessly to achieve excellence in quality, safety and efficiency..